What can I expect from a Matters’ Boiler Service?

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Every boiler has specific instructions with detailed servicing requirements, but for when the instructions are lost or missing there is a default service procedure set out in the Gas Safe Register, “Gas Safety Book”. Manufacturers’ instructions often have many more steps to follow.

How long will the boiler service take?

A detailed boiler service takes at least an hour, nearly always more.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out the following checks to ensure your boiler is safe and in ‘tip top’ condition.

Preliminary checks

  • Are there any problems with the system?
  • Is  the appliance location suitable for the type of appliance?
  • Is there any damage before starting work on it?
  • Check for correct operation of the appliance, including consumer controls and the safety devices.
  • Is the flame for burning correctly?
  • Check the electrical wiring complies with electrical regulations.
  • Check for correct clearances from combustible materials.
  • Examine gas supply pipework for correct installation and clearances.
  • Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance.

Full service procedure

  • Remove main burners, clean and inspect for damage.
  • Clean and inspect gas injector(s).
  • Dismantle and clean pilot assembly and gas injector.
  • Reassemble burners and pilot assembly.
  • Check condition of ignition leads and electrode.
  • Clean the heat exchanger.
  • Refit burner assemblies and check seals.
  • Test disturbed gas joints for leaks.
  • Check appliance case and seals (where appliance is room-sealed) for damage and correct assembly.
  • Check and adjust pilot flame.
  • Check operation of thermocouple (flame supervision device).
  • Measure gas pressure and flow rate, and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect/test flue for faults/correct operation.
  • Inspect flue terminal for correct location and protection.
  • Check system bypass valve (if fitted) is correctly adjusted.
  • Check sealed system (if fitted) is at correct pressure.
  • Advise the client to have the system checked at least every twelve months or as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Advise the client of any defects found in the writing.
  • Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure if necessary.

Call now to book your boiler service before the cold snap, from as little as £65+VAT.

Tel: 01494 738080 or email enquiries@mattersgroup.co.uk

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It’s very important to look after your boiler

With the Met Office predicting snow, showers and even gale force winds we thought we’d bring you some winter boiler wisdom to see you through. Don’t let a big freeze leave you cold or your boiler in bad shape.

Get your boiler serviced for just £65+VAT.

It’s always a goodboiler idea to service your boiler – especially if it’s a bit older. Gas boiler manufacturers generally recommend getting your boiler serviced once every year to make sure everything is in tip-top condition and safe working order. So if you haven’t already had yours serviced then put it at the top of your to do list. Don’t wait until your boiler breaks down before you give it a thought, or it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Check your heating regularly

Turning your heating off or too low during a cold snap could end up damaging your heating system by making it work harder to warm up. So you might want to check your heating regularly. Checking that your heating system works properly will mean your boiler will be less likely to freeze up and break down – saving you on the cost of repairs.

Check your pressure

Combi boilers can sometimes stop working because of a drop in pressure. If your boiler stops working check the pressure dial and inspect all of your radiators and pipes for leaks. If you can’t find a leak you should be able to increase the pressure in your system manually by using your system’s valve handle. But you should always switch your boiler off and consult your instructions before tinkering with your boiler’s pressure, as adding too much pressure into a system can be dangerous.

Bleed your radiators

If you can feel cold patches on your radiators it may be because there’s air trapped inside that’s blocking the system.But if you bleed your radiators and still have a problem with cold patches, your system might be blocked with sludge and might need a chemical flush by a professional gas safe registered engineer.

Insulate your condensate pipe if you have a condensing boiler

One of the most common reasons for a condensing boiler breaking down in winter is that “condensate pipes” – the pipes that carry away condensation – run outside the house and can freeze and become blocked when temperatures drop. Preventing this is really simple though – all you need to do is insulate your pipes using pipe lagging.

Thaw your condensate pipe

If it’s below freezing and your condensing boiler isn’t working or is displaying an error message or flashing light, your condensate pipe will have probably frozen over, meaning you’ll need to thaw it out. The best way to do this is to put a hot water bottle on the pipe – or pour hot water over it, give it a blow with a hair dryer or wrap a towel soaked in warm water around it – and then reset your boiler.

Don’t let a big freeze leave you cold or your boiler in bad shape. Book your boiler repair now for just £65 +VAT and have peace of mind that you and your family will be warm and cosy this winter. Just call Matters on 01494 738080 or email enquiries@mattersgroup.co.uk.

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Why not control the temperature in your home using your smartphone or tablet?

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The Heatmiser Neo App is designed to work with the Heatmiser neoStats – and offers you a smarter way to control your heating from anywhere.

We have recently installed this in our home and I must admit now the weather has turned – I Love it… Not only does it please my ‘inner-geek’, it also gives me power and control! (No more fighting over turning the thermostats up and down and saves money). The neoStats look great (all different colours are available) and the set-up and functionality is brilliant…

NEO App features include:

  • No PC Required to Set-up
  • Multi Zone Control
  • Multi Location in One App – (Main Home & Holiday Home)
  • Multi Device Control
  • Apply Temperature Hold to a single or selection of zones
  • Apply PIN Number Lock to a single or selection of zones
  • Home / Away Facility
  • Holiday Facility
  • Program Heating and Hot Water Times
  • View Live Temperature from your Home on your Smartphone

Heatmiser’s Neo App will positively change the way you control your home heating and hot water. No need to engage directly with time-clocks or thermostats any longer; Neo App allows you to control everything directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Neo App’s intuitive design ensures programming and override commands are quick and easy for anybody to use. Better still, you always have neo with you because it’s loaded on your phone.


Heatmiser’s Neo App has been carefully designed with you in mind. It’s incredibly simple to download and use; giving you intuitive control over your home heating and hot water directly from your smartphone or tablet. In just a few quick screen taps you can change settings in all of your properties that have neoStats installed.


Neo App allows you to instantly switch your heating and hot water controls ON or OFF directly on your smartphone or tablet. Not only will this save money, it ensures your home is always warm and welcoming when you arrive.

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Switch to LED Lighting & Save £££’s


Benefits of LED Lighting

  • LED replacement bulbs are 30% more efficient
  • LED bulbs don’t give off UV which is the leading cause for eye strain and fatigue
  • LED lighting provides 70% more light
  • Beam angle of LED bulbs is 110 degrees – so no more wasted energy lighting your ceilings!
  • Upgrade costs are paid back fast

Client Testimonial:

“We have seen significant cost savings with The Matters Group as they have advised us on energy saving solutions when fitting out our new premises.”

The Jam Factory Restaurant, Andrew Norton

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Vehicle Advertising – Graphics & Wraps

thames water

Stuck in traffic, parked outside a job?
– Why not advertise your business?

A vehicle isn’t just a method of transport; it’s a fantastic advertising opportunity. From simple logos and contact details, to bright and colourful full vehicle wraps, trust us to help you turn your company vehicle into a cost effective marketing opportunity for your business with vehicle graphics.

Benefits of working with Matters Signs & Graphics

We understand your vehicle is vital to your business. It provides a first impression for potential clients or customers, and serves as a reminder to those who already know you too.

We will help design the perfect vehicle graphic solution for your needs, we offer a full vehicle signage service from design to delivery, all tailored to your individual needs.

3,000 people will see your vehicle each day

According to UK government statistics the average driver spends one month in every year behind the wheel and up to 3,000 people will see your vehicle every day!

Advertising on Britain’s busy roads, is the most cost effective method of reaching your target audience.

IMG_3353 (2)

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What we know from reformed burglars about our home security

Unfortunately burglars are becoming increasingly professional in what they do, especially as we are improving our home security. It’s important for us to understand how burglars think and this is where the opinions of reformed burglars comes in.

Over 100 reformed burglars were interviewed to find out how their minds work – what exactly did they look for when attempting to burgle a property? Given that burglars can observe a target property for over 24 hours, it’s important to carry out all home security measures that will act as deterrents and drive criminals away.

Some of these measures were:-

Burglars agravelre frightened off by Loud noises, so gravel driveways and ‘talkative’ pets are perfect. The crunching noise when you walk across the gravel can travel far in the night and the bark of a dog can wake a whole street up!

Over 70% of reformed burglars saw dog

dogs as a deterrent, especially as they didn’t fancy being bitten by an angry one!

The reformed burglars said that new, secure-looking UPVC windows, doors and locks are a definite deterrent as they are difficult to break into. Sensor lights and CCTV cameras can also help as they don’t want to be caught on camera.

93% of reformed burglars were deterred by monitored alarms, the old fashioned looking alarms didn’t seem too much of a problem as once disabled that was it, however with monitored alarms it’s different. The small flashing light below an alarm box can be enough for a burglar to turn around and walk away with the knowledge that as soon as the alarm sounds a message is sent to an alarm monitoring centre which will quickly notify the police and the home owner.

Another top tip is to make it look like someone is home in the property all of the time as 73% of reformed burglars said they wouldn’t target a property if they believed people were home.

Simple ways to help to keep burglars away:-

1. Keep your front and back doors locked at all times.

2. If you’re out in the evening then leave lights on around the house and draw your blinds and curtains.

3. Light up your front door with dusk to dawn lighting that’s visible from the street.

4. When recycling, hide any packaging that offers a clue to what your home contains.

5. Keep keys and valuables out of sight and reach from cat flaps, letter boxes, downstairs doors and windows.

6. Keep expensive goods and their packaging out of sight as burglars will be able to see certain products they might be looking for.

7. If it’s dark before you get home then use timer switches to turn on the lights.

Don’t let burglars have easy access to your home…

Visit www.mattersgroup.co.uk or call 01494 73 80 80 for more information on home security and how we can help you protect your home and family.

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Signage Solution – Interpost (B2C Europe) Case Study

Complete Signage Solution for New Distribution Centre

member_of_b2ceuropeInterpost had recently moved to a large distribution centre and needed signage from top to bottom. The premises required full branding including large signs at the front of the premises to display their corporate logo. The property also needed health & safety and directional signs throughout the premises, together with car parking signage.

Why they chose the Matters Group
Matters Property Services Group where already working on site with Interpost installing the complete electrical, security and AV solutions.. The client was very happy with the level of service provided and was delighted to discover we also

Benefits to the Client
The client required the signs to be made within a tight timeframe to assure the move to the new facility was a smooth transition. Matters Signage promptly arranged to meet with the client and surveyed the premises to access location, quantity and size
of the signage required. Matters produced full layouts which where supplied to the client and worked through until the exact solution was found. Production and installation were carried out swiftly and well within the client’s deadline.

Matters Group Solution
The design, manufacture & installation of the following signs within a tight timeframe.

  • Front of building branded signs – large format.
  • Car parking signage.
  • Health & safety signs throughout the warehouse.
  • Internal directional signs for staff.

“From the initial survey to the design, manufacture and install. The team at Matters signage did a fast professional job and we are delighted with our new branding”
Pontus Lindgren, Product Development Manager

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Security, Audio Visual & Data Installation – Roger Banister Case Study

Full Security, Audio Visual & Data Installation for Residential Property.

Mr Banister needed a professional company to first fix the entire system with short notice. He also required a company to lead the way and advise them what they should be installing as time was key.

Why they chose the Matters Group
Mr Banister’s company Thomas & Wilson had previously worked together with The Matters Group on a new build in Chalfont St Giles and he was impressed at the speed and attentiveness to which our engineers worked.

Benefits to the Client
Because Mr Banister had very little time to design and get the Installation mobilised, he benefited from using Matters as we had the skills to take care of all his property service needs and advise on the quickest most cost-effective way forward.

Matters Group Solution
A site visit was promptly arranged where we liaised with the architect and our client on their specific requirements. Proposals and plans were quickly drawn up and agreed by the client while our engineers were on site starting the first fix.

  • Full Intruder Alarm Installation.
  • HDTV and Audio Distribution.
  • Hard Wired Data Network (providing full coverage internet access).

“I was in a rush to catch up with my programme of works so I drafted in The Matters team to take care of things. The entire process from start to finish required very little involvement from me which was a god send, it allowed me more time to deal
with other areas of the project that needed more direction from me.”
Roger Banister, Property Owner

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Electrical & Security Installation – Stateside Skates Case Study

Complete Electrical & Security Installation for Warehouse Fit-Out

stateside-skates-logoClient’s requirements
Stateside Skates were expanding into their newly purchased warehouse and needed the unit to be completely fitted out with a full electrical installation and data system. They also required the new premises to be protected from fire and fully secure. All of the works needed to be carried out within a tight budget and even tighter timescale!

The fit-out project was split into two stages; firstly the main warehouse, then secondly their new Head Office that would to be built within the unit itself. As Stateside
Skates were moving into bigger premises it was imperative to consider ways of reducing energy consumption.

Why they chose the Matters Group
Stateside Skates chose the Matters Group for this project as they had built a strong reputation for reliability and trust whilst maintaining their security systems over several years.

Benefits to the Client
Working with one project manager at Matters to manage the design and installation of all of their electrical, data, security & fire protection systems meant saving time and money with enhanced levels of communication and efficiency.

Matters Group were involved from the very beginning of the project which meant they were able to design the complete electrical & security installation and advise the client on ways that they could reduce their carbon footprint. As the project progressed there were changes to the main design which meant that Matters needed to ensure a flexible and agile approach to alter the designs but delivered the project schedule on time.

Matters Group Solution
Matters Group designed and installed the complete electrical & security package, utilising the latest technology including LED lighting combined with PIR sensors so that energy consumption was kept to an absolute minimum but still making sure that the ethos of the clients’ “vibrant & dynamic” approach was adhered

“We used Matters for all the electrical, security and data requirements of our new office build and from start to finish they were thorough, professional and flexible. They advised us on a huge variety of requirements during the project allowing
us to deliver the offices on time and on budget and we are absolutely delighted with the end product!. Their knowledge is fully up to date with current regulations and they cooperated brilliantly with all the other contractors working on the project.
We would definitely recommend Matters and would 100% use them again.”
Ali Crichton, Stateside Skates Ltd.

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Security & Audio Visual Installation – Paul Wakefield Case Study

Complete Security & Audio Visual Installation to New Build House

Client’s requirements

Mr & Mrs Wakefield were building their new family home using a local builder. They had specific Audio Visual (AV) requirements and wished to ‘future proof’ their home for both Security & AV.

Why they chose the Matters Group

Mr & Mrs Wakefiled met with Rich from The Matters Group at a property which Matters had recently installed high level AV & security systems. This was an effective way for our client to get a real feel for the systems available. The demonstration enabled them to make an informed decision as to which systems would best suit their individual requirements.

The true benefits of future proofing their new home were highlighted, ensuring their home technologically is relevant.

Benefits to the Client

Through consultation with the client we were able to design integrated systems to a reasonable budget which covered all of their current and future requirements.

Matters Group Solution

  • Full intruder alarm installation including interfaced smoke detection for off-site monitoring.
  • Hard wired data network to provide internet access to all rooms and also Wireless access points in key positions to provide full coverage.
  • HD TV distribution across Cat 6 structured cabling .
  • Wiring structure and ceiling speakers for future integration with Nuvo or Sonos

“With such an investment in building our own home it was
necessary to ensure we installed the correct security and AV
systems along with cabling to future proof our home. Matters
demonstrated all the systems available and through budgeting
all options advised on the correct cable structures and systems
for our now and future needs. We were very impressed with
their knowledge and open and honest approach.”
Paul Wakefield, Penn

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